LA20 is a unique biological toilet cleaner for cleaning and maintaining toilet and black water systems on ships and off-shore installations. The product combines an excellent moderately acidic, bio-based cleaning chemistry with scale
prevention and scale removal technology.

Suitable for cleaning and sanitising en-suites, toilets, sinks, tiles etc. Reduces build-up of both inorganic and organic scale in the waste water systems and helps control malodour.

The active ingredient has a dual-action antibacterial mechanism and passes EN1276. It is also active against many common viruses and passes EN14476 at the in use concentrations.

The biological toilet cleaner will clean and sanitize in one, while reducing scale prevention and inorganic scale build-up. With LA20 you have a safe and effective toiletcleaner which does not harm the environment or bacterias in the sewage treatment system.

LA20 is suitable for both vacuum and gravity fed toilet systems and urinals – just squeeze a small amount of the biological toilet cleaner around the toilet bowl og urinal surface, Allow a short contact time then clean with water.

LA20 comes in package of 15 x 750ml bottles.



  • Effective biological toilet cleaner with built in descaling technology
  • Bio-based and readily biodegradable.
  • Cleans and sanitizes with one product.
  • Reduces both organic and inorganic build-up in sewage pipes
  • Reduced build up means lower odours
  • Easy to use from the angle neck bottle.
  • Reduces the number of harzadous chemicals on board