STP Solupak

Biological sewage treatment powder which ensures the system operates at peak efficiency with high BOD reduction, short hydraulic retention times and low residual sludge. It will also improve operations and reduce odours on vessels operating sewage holding tanks.

STP Solupak is an all-in-one solution for ensuring peak operating performance of biological sewage treatment system. It can be used to improve sludge settlement, build flocs and stabilize activated sludge. It can be used to overcome high organic loading, and to help re-establish a healthy bacterial population after washout or toxic shock. Unlike all other products of the same type STP Solupak is composed of 100% active material. This comprises a special blend of microbial cultures selected to significantly increase the biodegradation of typical sewage wastes including faeces, paper, detergents, fats, oils and grease, and a wide variety of other organic materials.

STP Solupak also contains a balanced macronutrient package (C:N at ratio of 20:1) to ensure rapid growth and maintenance of activity during start up or periods of low flow (starvation of the biomass). Micronutrients such as trace metals are delivered via a slow release seaweed extract.

The bacteria used in STP Solupak manufactured in a GMP-compliant fermentation facility with an ongoing R&D development programme for strain development. The STP Solupak consortium contains strains resistance to chlorine (from cleaners and sanitizers) up to a concentration of about 20ppm. In addition, and to protect against accidental release of chlorine, a chlorine quenching additive is also added to offer protection up to 100ppm. To offer yet further protection, a specialised organic ingredient is added to the formulation to bind heavy and toxic light metals from reducing the respiratory activity of the biomass.

STP Solupak is suitable for use in all Type ll and Type lll MSD’s which has a need for biological sewage treatment powder

STP Solupak is offered in convenient to meter and dose 100g cold water soluble PVA sachets.

GNC Marine supplies STP Solupak in 2kg or 10kg packaging