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We design, manufacture and supply specialized cleaning, maintenance and
biosecurity products with proven performance to the marine and offshore industries.

STP Solupak

Ensures the system operates at peak efficiency with high BOD reduction, short hydraulic retention times and low residual sludge. It will also improve operations and reduce odours on vessel……

ARC 360

An advanced acid replacement formulation for manual and cleaning in place (CIP) descaling operations of a variety of on-board process equipment which become scaled during use,……

LA 20

A unique bio-based, descaling toilet cleaner combining a widely approved biocide. Suitable for cleaning and sanitising en-suites, toilets, sinks, tiles etc. Reduces build-up of both inorganic…


ARC850 is a fully formulated dilutable concentrate containing citric acid and sodium citrate. This product also contains an EcoCert authorized low foaming detergent package…


Microclean is a specialized product designed to remove grease, oil, and other contaminants from sewage treatment membranes….